Why Choose Me

No Commissions. No Sales.
  • I focus on providing investment advice - not selling unnecessary products.
  • I'm a sworn Fiduciary for my clients, which means I put your interests and needs first.
  • As an independent advisor, I remain unbiased and do not earn commissions.
  • I do my best to give objective advice that is individualized to your personal circumstances.
  • I do not delegate responsibility
  • I'm 100% accountable for the investment decisions and financial advice.
  • My mission is to provide you peace of mind by relieving you the burden of planning and/or managing your investments.
  • I always act ethically and honestly and have a clean regulatory record.
  • I am committed to putting my clients first.
  • I have the professional knowledge of investments and financial planning (CFA®, CFP® designations).
  • My goal to provide superior investment management and the best financial advice that is aligned to your personal circumstances.

Why Choose a CFA Charterholder?

Partnering with a CFA charterholder means partnering with a professional with unparalleled expertise, integrity, and adaptability in the financial sector. It’s why the CFA designation is one of the most highly regarded credentials within the investment management profession.

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Why a NAPFA Fee-Only Advisor?

  • Means the advisor shall exercise his/her best efforts to act in good faith and in the best interests of the client
  • Minimize any conflicts of interest
  • Maintain independent and never receive compensation selling financial products
  • NAPFA requirements exceed those of any other financial industry association
  • Adhere to industry's most demanding practice requirements
  • Solely focus on providing fee-only wealth management and financial planning
  • NAPFA advisors must focus on all factors that comprise the investor’s unique financial situation.
  • Pioneer a set of standards of advisor education, training, and methods of practice that truly serves the public interest.
  • A financial planner that abides by NAPFA’s rigorous standards of fee-only financial advice and holistic financial planning.
  • Prove competence in financial planning matters and provide a high level of care and responsibility to each client.

Why Choose a CFP® Professional?

A CFP® certification is recognized as the highest standard in personal financial planning.  As a CFP®, I have a vast knowledge of financial planning and have completed the requirements for the education, examination, and experience for the Certified Financial Planner™ accreditation.

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